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It has been an enjoyable experience learning about strategic communication leadership and strategies these past weeks. I never thought I would have a blog, much less followers! Thanks to everyone who supported this blog. I hope some of these topics were beneficial to you.

Strategic communication is important in many environments, but it is especially crucial in professional settings. Businesses that are lead by those who are constantly looking ahead and envisioning the best for the company are the most successful. Leaders are willing to try new things if they think their company and the people involved will benefit. With how much emerging media has evolved, the possibilities for how future businesses are run are endless! It is important to use emerging media effectively in both internal and external communications. Internal and external support could be the foundation a company leads on if a crisis ever develops.

While actively engaged in the job search, I had a couple first impressions of how I thought businesses were run. It is important to understand that interviewing for a job is not just for the company, but for the job seeker as well. If your company’s interview process is unorganized, and the interviewers seem cold, what would a potential candidate think daily activities are like?

I am excited to say that I did go to a great interview with what seems like a wonderful, supportive company and I was given a job offer! I am very excited about all of the possibilities ahead as I start my career in a new city. I know that topics from my Graduate classes will be applied to everyday activities. I hope to be able to grow as a professional and learn new skills.

That being said, I will probably not have time to post much anymore. I have a lot of new things to engage in and get together these next couple weeks. Of course the holidays don’t leave much room for downtime either! I do not plan on deleting this blog, as I feel it can still be used as a reference. Who knows, maybe I will return sooner than I think.

Until then, it’s on to the next chapter for me: Strategic Communication in the Real World!


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